Environmental Sustainability Leads to Economic Opportunities

There’s an insightful article on Environment Canada’s website about the impacts of poor air quality. In addition to health problems in humans, wildlife and even vegetation, air pollution can also have a significant impact on industry as well.

From the article:

What is important to remember is that these impacts on human health, the environment and the economy do not exist in isolation, they are linked. For instance, decreased forest productivity because acid rain has damaged the soil may lead to increased stresses on the pulp and paper job market.

Alternately, and in a more positive note:

the creation of new technology, knowledge and jobs to address air quality concerns can produce economic opportunities.

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Like you, we understand that companies who can reconcile the environment and the economy will derive enormous economic benefits, while those that continue to view the environment as a barrier to competitiveness will fall behind.

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  1. Even small manufacturers are participating in the “Green” movement. Many are integrating processes and materials that are LEEDS certified. Great way to generate business and promote environmental responsibility. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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