Make a Wish. Make it Count.

Make a Wish Bison

I spotted this sculpture while driving to the buffalo airport to pick up a friend.

The Make a Wish caption on the symbol of a buffalo (ok technically its a bison) made me do a double take as the buffalo is on our company logo.

I’m partial to the Buffalo. It’s an animal that is rugged and resilient (qualities of our industrial equipment products).

But getting back to the caption ‘Make a Wish’ … that phrase is used every day in countless situations

You hear the phase just before someone blows out birthday candles. Or when a young couple throws coins into a fountain. Or when brothers and sisters with small fingers are tugging on the Thanksgiving turkey’s wish bone, each hoping to get the bigger half.

We use it so frequently it may have lost some if it’s original luster, and it’s power.

I’ll explain. In times of past (and I guess still today in some places) a king or sovereign who wielded complete authority over his realm would use the words ‘It is my wish that ___ (fill in the blanks) be done.

He said ‘It is my wish’ because he did not need to issue a command. That would be beneath him. His simple wish was enough. He was the supreme authority over the land.

The rejoinder of ‘your wish is my command’ from the one receiving the wish/request likely originated from that understanding.

So often, when making a wish, we dispense of it as if tossing a coin into a fountain. There is no expectation the wish will actually materialize.

Next time, make your wish with the knowledge all things materialize from thought. As Buddha said 2500 years ago, “with our thoughts, we create our world”. If you wish like issuing a royal command to the universe, the universe has no rejoinder other than ‘your wish is my command’ and will work on bringing it into reality.

Because you are the king of your domain and the sovereign of your life.

Thanksgiving is the traditional time to reflect on this world we have created. We survey the kingdom we have built from our intentions, and on what we’re grateful for and what is bringing joy and true satisfaction into our lives.

Reflection may also reveal to us what is amiss. Where we need to focus our intentions in the future.

Try applying the Pareto Principle to your life. Is eighty percent of your happiness coming from twenty percent of your life activities? If so, focus your intentions on the twenty.

So when we hear ‘Make a Wish’ we need to remember the power of our intention and the command we are issuing. So that we create exactly what we want.

Make many good wishes on this happy Thanksgiving.

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