Diving Deeper Into Ocean Current Power

Although we discussed alternative, renewable energy sources in an earlier post (see also When Is Green Energy Not So Green ), we merely dipped our toe into marine power.

Marine power can either be captured using tidal barrage power generators; dams or barrages built across a narrow bay or river mouth. Lets have a quick look at both.


Tidal Barrage Power Generation

Tidal barrage power generation provides a predictable source of clean energy with no dependence on foreign fuel sources. The downside is the timing of the tides doesn’t often correlate with peak demand times (storage energy solutions are required to make it seriously viable).

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Underwater Turbines

Underwater turbines are also used to harness tidal and ocean current power, and will likely become more widespread than tidal barrages. Underwater turbines (also called aquanators) require a smaller amount of infrastructure and can be deployed and operate in a much wider range of possible sites.

Below is an infographic showing how an aquanator operates. Image by TidalStream.

How an aquanator operates

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