The Future of Home Sweet Home

Bosco Verticale by Stefano Boeri

As our natural environments and societies change ever so rapidly, our living spaces will evolve with us. This week Heavy Duty Insights takes a peek around the corner of time to see what forward thinking home builders predict the home will look like in the future.

Smaller Urban Homes

Expect a shift from large square footage homes to multiple family housing units and multipurpose spaces. Private rooms won’t be so common, as people escape to the Internet and virtual environments. Expect rooms to be open and flow into other rooms and spaces.

Smart homes and Smartphones

Much like smartphones that revolutionized how we manage personal information and communication, “smarthomes” will be equipped to self-regulate heating and cooling in the home from remote locations, taking the guesswork out of energy conservation. Homes of the future may include ceilings with videoconferencing equipment, heating, ventilation and security scanners.

Integration of Home and Nature

Living spaces that extend to the outdoors is another trend that’s expected to bloom. Outdoor rooms will connected to the garden and yard with patios and decks, providing a connection with nature that is presently being choked out of our lives.

Another exciting possibility is metropolitan reforestation, where condos and apartment buildings are self-sustaining and eco-friendly, all the while keeping up with latest developments in urban design. Say no to urban sprawl and yes to vertical forests. We can build up, not out, and still enjoy the many healthful benefits of nature.

Renovation Instead of New Building

In an effort to reuse older buildings, the renovation of old structures and shells valued for historical architecture will become commonplace. Architects will salvage old architectural elements to be used in new homes. Instead of completely removing old homes to build a new one, old homes, churches and storefronts will be recycled and rebuilt into new homes.


Changing trends and economic realities have a way of shaping society. The need for energy conservation and our yearning for the restorative, healing powers of  nature is certain to make an impact on how homes will be built.

The home of the future may not look like the spaceship-shaped pods science fiction dreamers of the 50’s and 60’s envisioned, but much, much better.

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