Here’s What Will Kickstart Manufacturing

First, let’s start with the trivia question: who was the first person in history that human lifted themselves straight up in the air and hovered?

If you said Michael Jordan, your answer would be close – but incorrect.

His name is Neil Saiki and he rose 8 inches off the ground for 8 seconds straight using his human powered helicopter. The feet set the world aviation record in 1989.

Since then, Saiki has spent the last 10 years and nearly 100 grand designing and testing his new human powered helicopter with rotor tips that span the size of a basketball gym, yet only weighs 95 pounds his goal this time is to hover for 1 min. and set a new world aviation record.

Saiki is one of many engineers and inventors that are taking advantage of a powerful new way of raising money on kickstart.

He has serious credentials too, having designed a patented mountain bike suspension system that has one bike of the year and he is the founder of zero motorcycles and electric motorcycle company.

Now he devotes himself full-time to breaking the new one minute milestone. It should be interesting to see if he accomplishes the feat, or if his competitor Atlas (a team of two PhDs, one MASc and several undergraduate students) are the ones to do it.

Another notable invention looking for funding include the Swap-O-Matic, a vending machine that allows users to barter rather than buy. The goal of the Swap-O-Matic, according to the New York City-based designer Lina Fenequito, is to inspire people to rethink our consumption habits.

Then there is Bitponics, a technology that automates the growing process and even report how your plants are feeling! It’s an innovation that will be welcome in harsh climates and tricky growing environments like condos and apartments.

These are just three of many ambitious projects on Kickstarter, the site that allows creative and industrious people a chance to get exposure for their ideas and maybe even funding.

Perhaps Kickstarter is what will resuscitate the  manufacturing sector and help innovate sustainable new technologies and grow more jobs.

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