Here’s What is Wrong with Modern China

In mainland China, in the northeastern city of Harbin, a bridge collapsed killing three unsuspecting drivers. The collapse was so unsuspected because the bridge had just been built just 10 months earlier.

How could this possibly happen? A prominent blogger by the name of Li Chengpeng went to investigate, and to expose the company that built the faulty bridge.

Chenpeng never did find the construction company responsible, because there never was one. The company responsible for the death bridge was actually a tofu factory. They had learned of the “national-level key project”, bid on it and won.

What’s even more surprising is that this tofu factory had zero experience making bridges (or anything other than tofu for that matter) but that didn’t discourage the cook who headed the construction project from hiring other people from the countryside who also had never built bridges.

Sadly, this story isn’t unique to China (as you can see with the images below) and the story gets even more shocking. However, you can read it firsthand from Chengpeng on the Tea Leaf Nation blog.

It’s worth the time, and you’ll want to read it right to the end.

Photo by Douban

Photo by Douban

Photo by Douban

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