How US and Canadian Manufacturers Can Compete (and Win) in a Global Market

Despite all the off-shoring and outsourcing that has transpired in the past few decades, the US is still a global leader in manufacturing along with China, Japan and Germany. Nearly one-fifth of all products by value are manufactured in the United States.

Global Manufacturing Economy 2010

It’s not so surprising when you consider such major companies like General Electric, DuPont, The Dow Chemical Company, Lockheed Martin and Boeing all operate on American soil. Airbus has also announced plans to build an assembly plant in Alabama.

But what does it take for a fledgling manufacturing to succeed in the US and Canada? Here are four suggestions:

1. Leverage technology whenever possible, for both the production and selling of your product. Dazzling new technology is emerging in the manufacturing space, 3D Printers being one of them. Embrace them. They are the future, and the future is now.

Also technology like smartphones and apps, CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal and social media make it easier than ever to connect with the customer and do direct sales yourself.

2. Test the market before launching new products. Services like and Unbounce enable you to create a landing page in minutes and A/B test product ideas before sinking a lot of money into it. You may need to make a physical prototype though.

3. Fabrication and/or used industrial equipment can save you tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s worth looking into. CB Power and Industrial Equipment have been supplying new and used industrial equipment for over 50 years and are available for expert advice or a quote, just call toll-free 1-888-317-8959.

4. Some parts of the US (the Midwest) and Canada (Saskatchewan) have a lower cost of living, which can result in significantly lower overhead.

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