Tesla Inspires with the Model S

Photo by Steve Jurvetson

The Motor Trend Car of the Year award has been around since 1949 (when Cadillac beat out the Oldsmobile for the first ever prize), but it’s the first time in 64 years that the car chosen to be the winner doesn’t run on gasoline or is even powered by an internal combustion engine. It’s an electric car, the Tesla Model S.

The Model S had to be an easy decision for the Motor Trend car experts. Besides it’s efficient and technologically advanced fueling system and giant touchscreen dashboard, it’s also probably the most interesting and inspiring American manufacturing story since its namesake Ford Model T.

It’s a newcomer in an extremely competitive industry with high barriers of entry, and yet Tesla has made a name for itself by being innovative and delivering an exciting high end vehicle:

America can be a leader in manufacturing, and Tesla is a company that is leading the way.

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