Transportation Coordinators Can Take a Load Off


If punctuality in a person or company demonstrates competence, integrity and the value of time, then habitually late people will probably wince at what tardiness means.

If your company has a large vehicle fleet that is responsible for delivering products, or your company needs to make sure that products are shipped on time, then consider hiring a transportation coordinator. Think of it as reputation maintenance.

Paper Pushing Professional

Transportation coordinators handle all of the required paperwork to ship finished goods and ensuring deliveries are made on time.

Especially when goods are shipped internationally, governments and shipping companies often require a stack of forms to be correctly filled out.  These papers might include packing slips, customs documents, and other documentation that ensures delivery of the goods.

Lost in Translation

In transit, goods frequently get lost and stolen.  When this happens, the transportation coordinator will work with the transportation companies to remedy the situation and prevent financial loss to your company.  When you ship a lot of goods, it’s almost a guarantee that this will happen, and a coordinator knows what to do.

Hazards of the Job

Transportation coordinators are also a good idea for the handling and overseeing of hazardous goods. There’s also a variety of different government regulations that companies need to comply with to ensure that the goods are shipped safely. Failing to comply with regulations can result in hefty fines.

It’s another area where this kind of experience and expertise pays off, or in some cases can save you big time.

A Coordinator Can Take a Load Off

A transportation coordinator’s job is typically very stressful.  Because modern companies ship large quantities of goods on a regular basis, and frequently across seas, the quantity of work will only increase over time.

If there is a logistics manager employed by your company, then a transportation coordinator can take some of the workload off of him or her.

Modern companies also have multiple modes of transit.  Your goods show up at a port on the west coast in a shipping container, end up on a rail line to the east coast, and finally arrive at the destination 10-20 days later.  A shipping coordinator will make sure that everything arrives on time.  In this case, they are like conductors in the shipping choir, making sure that everything hums along.

Pay Now and Save

Transportation coordinators also make sure that you save as much money as possible when shipping goods.  Because there are multiple competing shipping companies, each of them offer a variety of different shipping rates.  The coordinators will compare rates to make sure that you are able to get the best deal possible.

This will save you a large sum of money over time, and the cost savings can justify the shipping coordinator’s salary many times over.

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