Think Out of the Box and Into New Markets

The Blue Ocean Strategy became widely known in business after the book of the same name was published in 2005. It was written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne and it outlines what is arguably one of the best ways a business can generate growth and profits.

Most businesses tend to do the opposite. They design, manufacture and sell a different version of the same thing to the same group of people. This is sometimes referred to as the Red Ocean Strategy.

Both strategies require great execution and there are plenty of risks to both methodologies. However, the Blue Ocean Strategy demands more creativity and innovation, and the end results tend to delight and spark our imagination.

The following are three examples of “out of the box” thinking:

Jamy – The Smart Toaster

Designed by Nathan Brunstein, the Jamy is a WIFI toaster that gives the weather forcast. On toast. Personally, I’ll take my toast sunny-side up please.


Cell Lock-Up

For those of us addicted to our smartphones, this cage-timer keeps our personal technology locked up until the time runs out. Ingenious!


Container Bridge

This 525 ft bridge located in Tel Aviv may not be the most beautiful bridge in the world, but it’s certainly ecologically-friendly. The bridge is constructed of recycled containers and located in a national park that was once as waste landfill.


Kopar Conveyor BeltsDrag Chain Conveyor Belts are tailor made to move ash, lime and solid fuels. Suitable for abrasive materials and when operating conditions are very hot.

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