Five Career Pathways for the Aspiring Engineer

While it’s difficult to accurately predict which occupations will be in demand, it’s safe to say most employment in the foreseeable future will require extensive education. One line of work with excellent prospects for the future is engineering. College and University students working towards become an engineer have five career pathways to consider.

Let’s discuss these five engineering employment trends and where we’re likely see the most job creation.

Mechanical Engineers

This broad engineering discipline covers the conception, development, testing and maintenance of mechanical tools and engines. Engineers will do well to keep up with advancing technology or look into newer industrial fields such as green technologies or clean fuel advances.

General engineers not looking to dive into a particular field of engineering can increase chances of employment by supplementing their experience with changing educational trends, computer programs and technology that they’ll no doubt encounter in the field.

Electrical Engineers

Working behind the scenes to develop new technical gadgets, such as GPS systems and media players, are electrical and electronics engineers. Although the speed of advancing technologies would imply that electrical engineers would be in high demand, this field is expected to grow.

Demands for electrical engineers will come from computer design, telecommunications, networking and wireless technology. Working with an engineering staffing agency will match qualified electrical engineers with companies requiring technological backgrounds.

Environmental Engineers

This fast-growing field of engineering works closely with chemistry and environmental biology to improve ecosystems and develop new resources of sustainable technology. Environmental engineering has been known for a focus on waste water treatment; however, green technologies, recycling and waste disposal have come to be included into this category.

Since green technologies are a growing trend in many fields engineers looking to work in this area will find demand high and rising fast. Their engineering backgrounds will need to be supplemented by biology courses and knowledge of environmental procedures, as well as governmental regulations in their immediate areas.

Network Engineers

Computer systems administrators are also known as network engineers, and like electrical engineers, they will work with advancing technology. However, their focus is aimed towards building and maintaining an organization’s computer networks.

Career growth expectations are high for network engineers, with the healthcare industry providing a roomy area for network engineers to work in.

An engineer looking to work in healthcare with their background can find such work through an engineering staffing agency that specializes in providing network and technical support to hospitals, doctor’s offices or any other faculty with a large network to monitor and maintain daily.

Biomedical Engineers

Aligned more closely to the medical field are biomedical engineers, who use their background in engineering, medicine and biology to improve patient care. This field of engineering promises to grow rapidly, as the aging of the baby-boomer generation demands care in remaining active and healthy.

Like mechanical engineers, biomedical engineers cover a wide range of medical duties, and engineers will be expected to keep up with changing medical technology, advances in medicine, new scientific studies as well as new government regulations on certain medical procedures and patient care protocol within the particular medical faculty where they are employed.

Since engineers can find careers in very narrow fields or more extensive areas, they can find the kind of employment they seek by working with an engineering staffing agency. Engineers should choose an agency that caters to their particular background and training in order to find the right engineering career.

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