Take Me Down, To The Underground

In an efforts to avoid the devastating effects of urban sprawl and maintain it’s lowrise landscape, Helsinki has taken it’s industrial development underground.

This smart strategy sustains it’s natural habitats and frees up land above ground for more profitable and beautiful real estate development.


Tunnels of Helsinki City

Currently, Helsinki City has over 60 km of tunnels that house the municipality’s heating and cooling systems. A years consumption of coal for half the city is also stored below street level, as you’ll see in this video.


Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is also impressive. It burrows under the Swiss Alps and extends to Italy. At 57km it’ll be the longest rail tunnel in the world.



Drassanes Station in Barcelona Spain

The Drassanes Metro looks like a scene from THX 1138, the 1971 science fiction film directed by George Lucas. Very clean, sterile and futuristic. This phot is from Buildtonet.

Photo by Builttonet.com


Marienplatz Station in Munich Germany

The Marienplatz Station is high traffic stop on the Munich S-Bahn and U-Bahn network, located under the square of the same name in Munich’s city centre.

Marienplatz Station Munich Germany


Westfriedhof Station in Munich Germany

Another high design underground station in Germany. Large lamps measuring 3.80 metres in diameter bathe the Westfriedhof Station in a soft blue, red and yellow light.

Ubahn Westfriedhof Muenchen


Museum Subway Station in Toronto Canada

The Museum Museum Subway Station in Toronto Canada was opened in 1963 and is named for the nearby Royal Ontario Museum. The phot is from architecture NOW

Photo by archecture NOW


East Side Access in New York City

In New York City, there’s a $8.4 billion underground public works project called East Side Access. When done, it will connecting Long Island to Manhattan’s East Side with 24 subway trains.

You can follow the progress of this massive undertaking with weekly photo status updates.


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