Don’t Get on a Forklift Until You Read This Infographic

Unfortunately for anyone working in a warehouse or manufacturing plant, forklifts are involved in a staggering amount of deaths and injuries in the U.S., as these 2012 statistics reveal:

  • Someone in the United States is killed in a forklift-related accident every 3 days
  • 94,750 forklift-related injuries are reported every year
  • One in six of all workplace fatalities in the U.S. are forklift-related
  • According to OSHA, approximately 70% of all accidents reported could have been avoided with proper safety training and policy

Below is an infographic showing Toyota’s System of Active Stability™ to help prevent the risk of tipovers. Reviewing it could save a life – even yours.

Forklift Safety Infographic by Toyota

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