Bad Customers Service: 10 Alarming Stats and Facts

Photo by Daniela Vladimirova

1. Most people (86%) are annoyed when they have to create a new account at websites

Source: Marketing Sherpa

2. More than half of Americans surveyed said they would try a new brand or customer for better service.

Source: American Express Survey, 2011

3. Last year, 67% of customers hung up the phone in frustration when unable to speak to a human being.

Source: Consumers Reports Survey, 2011

4. While most companies claim they provide “superior” customer service, only eight percent of people agree with these same companies.

Source: “Customer Service Hell” by Brad Tuttle, Time, 2011

5. Almost all unhappy customers (91%) will not willingly do business with the offending company again.

Source: Lee Resources

6. Keep your current customers happy. Why? Because it’s up to seven times more expensive to acquire new ones.

Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs

7. News of bad customer service is heard by twice as many people as accolades for good customer service.

Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs

8. Your company website has only four seconds to grab a visitor’s attention before they’re gonzo.

Source: Savvis Survey 2012

9. While 27 customers may seethe over bad service, only one will complain.

Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs

10. Consumers claim that customer service agents answer their questions only half the time.

Source: Harris Interactive

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