Sales Hunters: Four Tips For Selling Survival

Sales hunter with dog

Hard time hitting your sales quotas? If your sales hunting skills need a refresher (and we all do from time to time), consider the following tips.

  1. Hunt with a rifle, not a shotgun. Selling without defining who your ideal customer looks like is akin to hunting with a shotgun: you target everyone and no one and ultimately come away hungry. It’s unprofessional and a waste of your time, and time wasted easily translates to loss of potential sales. Better to build customer personas and lock your crosshairs on a very specific potential customer. 
  1. Fish where the fish are. If your product is something that is used by medical professionals, then join networking groups and online forums. Introduce yourself and participate in the discussions in meaningful ways that add value and proves you’re an expert. Then – and only then – mention your business when it helps someone. 
  1. Join the tribe and befriend the natives. Before you use a social media channel to garner recognition as an expert, it’s important to observe and understand its culture first. People use Twitter for different reasons than they use LinkedIn or even Facebook. The demographics are different too. That can make all the difference in the world when it comes to content strategy.
  1. Get a hunting trophy. Real hunting trophies are disrespectful and inhumane to wildlife, but that’s not what I’m referring to. The kind of hunting trophy I mean is the satisfied customer you caught. Ask for a testimonial or endorsement. You can also ask to be directed to a new client who may be interested in what you have to offer.    

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