Social Media for CEOs

LinkedIn for Business

Most CEOs will probably tell you Social Media is a waste of time. That is, except for LinkedIn. While just seven percent of the Fortune 500 CEOs use Facebook and even less have a Twitter account, more than a quarter (28% or 140) Fortune 500 CEOs use LinkedIn.

That would indicate there is opportunity for forging new alliances, as well as sourcing vendors, discovering talent and gaining customers.

One way to do that is to strengthen your LinkedIn network. The other way to make sure your profile is highly visible. You can do that with LinkedIn SEO.

LinkedIn uses algorithms to order its results in a useful way just like Google and Bing. To rank better, users need to optimize their accounts in line with the preferences of these algorithms.

Conceptually, the optimization process works similarly to the way Google SEO does. It turns out that LinkedIn SEO is nowhere near as hard as Google SEO, though. Try these tips.

  • The simple act of completing your LinkedIn profile will juice your visibility. LinkedIn search algorithms give completed profiles more importance, and completed profiles have more keywords for algorithms to glom on to. LinkedIn provides you with a profile completeness meter to help you see how far along you are.
  • Search on LinkedIn works the same way any other search does – keywords are all-important. If you’re a computer professional but you don’t have the keyword phrase IT professional appearing on your profile, you’re missing out on leads. Whatever keywords others will use to find someone like you, make sure your profile includes it. Some professionals on LinkedIn go so far as to include longtail SEO terms like “best auditor in New York,” “NY lawyer” and so forth.
  • Google’s algorithms give better search engine rankings to websites with backlinks (links coming in from other websites). The more backlinks there are on a website, the more relevant Google believes the website is. LinkedIn’s algorithms are similar. They look at the size of each member’s network. They also look for a connection between the searcher and the people on its database. If the algorithm sees a connection –even several degrees of separation, it ranks them on top. The larger your network is, the more likely LinkedIn will find a connection between you and anyone searching for you.
  • The more LinkedIn groups you participate in, the higher your stock soars on LinkedIn. To LinkedIn’s algorithms the entire group counts as your network. If you find it hard to grow your network by regular ways, you might find a few great industry groups on LinkedIn to join.

One last bit of advice: LinkedIn, like everything else in life, obeys the Law of the Harvest. The more thought and effort you put into growing your network, the greater the benefits.

Ask a friend to look you up on LinkedIn with specific keywords. If you don’t rank, you have a bit of LinkedIn SEO to do.

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