Interactive Packaging for More Than Just Marketing

Had a conversation with your favorite brand lately? If you asked that question in public 10 years ago, people would have referred you to a psychiatrist.

Nowadays, technology is enabling marketers to engage with consumers in ways only seen in Disney movies until now.

Take packaging for instance. Drinkers of Pepsi Max get access to augmented reality content when they hold their smartphone over the Pepsi logo.

Many brands are now in on the consumer engagement game. Some offering visitations from fizzy monsters, give flirty personalized messages or bring inanimate toys to life. All in an effort to be cool and drive more sales (as you’ll see below).

Marketing and sales are essential to any kind of business, but I wonder why interactive packaging isn’t being used to make the world better.

In the case of consumer food products, why not use this new technology to curb littering? Imagine popcans and coffee cups that reward consumers for disposing used products in proper waste recepticals.

Packaging could help tackle food waste, report the carbon footprint of the product being consumed, or warn of high blood pressure. You know, news you can use.

Technology should be used to solve the right problems and provide incentives for good behaviour.

That’s a converation we the consumer should be having with our favourite brands.

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