Follow ‘The Engineer’ in the First Ever Elon Musk Biography

Elon Musk and Robot Arms
When it comes to role models for the millennial generation, Elon Musk is certainly a refreshing change. It’s about time an Engineer gets some star-treatment.

Unfortunately, just like every other celebrity, online media has stuffed the mythology of Elon as fat as a Thanksgiving turkey.

Enter Erik Norfeus, the self described magician (engineer) from Sweden with his own version of the Elon Musk story. It’s the first Elon Musk biography in the World and likely most accurate account of the American business magnate, engineer, and inventor.

In The Engineer – Follow Elon Musk on a journey from South Africa to Mars, no ancestral stone is left unturned. Musk’s family history is surprisingly in-depth – maybe too in-depth.

There are some details and stories, while interesting in their own right (Elon’s Grandmother was a pistol-shooting champion for example), may seem relevant only to the most hardcore fans of the man.

Other tidbits are on target though, and reveal the intense curiosity of Musk. How many kids would sit down and read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica? Elon did.

In that way, The Engineer is loaded with clues as to what comprises such a hard driven visionary. The research Erik Nordeus did to write this book is remarkable.

You won’t find any flab within these 364 pages, but that feature may also be seen as a flaw. At times, The Engineer reads more like a data stream than a story. You’ll come out of it knowing everything there is to know about Elon Musk, but there’s not a lot of tension or playful suspense-building along the way to compel the reader to turn the page.

In Erik’s defense, he is an Engineer and an admirer. He doesn’t claim to be a professional wordsmith.

It’s also important to keep in mind this biography was published on, a platform where authors and publishers can publish unfinished books to get early feedback from readers.

As far as unfinished works go, The Engineer is a journey that’s far along and well worth taking. Highly recommended.

The Engineer -Elon Musk biography
The Engineer – Follow Elon Musk on a journey from South Africa to Mars is available at Leanpub for only $14.99. It’s a satisfying and revelatory read for anyone interested in the life of Elon Musk.

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