A Better Way To Do Things

It’s good to investigate alternative techniques and methodologies and see if there are better ways to do things. The tools we use can also impact our performance in a big way, so it’s a good idea to periodically review what new web tools and online services are available.

Please see the bottom of the post for two great websites for discovery.

Without further ado, here are five fresh new services you may not have heard of that could be game-changers. Note that some are still in beta.



Poetica is a Chrome browser add-on that acts like an instant editor. Share, collaborate and edit text from anywhere you’re writing – just click the button that automatically appears. Super useful.



Shippo is a B2B business that makes shipping easy and affordable for small businesses not eligible for bulk discounts. Their APIs that enable savings of up to 50% on shipping costs.


minute mail

10 Minute Mail is a handy service that reduces spam by generating disposable e-mails. But that’s not all. After 10 minutes, the email address self-destructs.



Waitbot provides wait time estimates for popular restaurants, emergency rooms, buses, trains, airport security and more. Currently expanding the number of cities they cover.


Paper Later

PaperLater is a new service that takes longform articles you don’t want to read on screen and prints it as a newspaper. I hope they are using recycled paper. Currently available in the UK only.

To keep up on the latest tech products and get early access to new internet startups that can help your business, Betalist and Product Hunt are probably your best bet.

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