Four Future-Proof Professions for the New Economy

Photo by Richard Schatzberger

We’re all likely to see dramatic changes in the next decade. This will require new skillsets for those who want to adapt in the new economy.

Stressing? Take a chill pill. There’s no need to be worried over the future. Here are four professions we feel are going to go big, and stay big, for the foreseeable future:


Heavy Duty Insight has mentioned PV Solar power several times before, and for good reason. Due to technological advances, photovoltaic production costs have dropped dramatically. Solar power is now a viable and affordable energy source for more and more people.

Homeowners can cut their electricity bills and use free sunlight with photovoltaics – and it gets even better since solar power can generate surplus electricity which can be sold back to the grid.

As a Solar PV Consultant, you could help people make the conversion to clean energy.


As virtual currencies gain public acceptance as a medium of exchange and a means of transporting money, having good knowledge on these new financial technologies would be highly sought after.

Already big names such as, Dell, Virgin Galactic, TigerDirect and WordPress have adopted Bitcoin to help customers avoid the road blocks and fees from banks.

There is no doubt e-money like Bitcoin will one day compete in the marketplace of international currencies.

As an eMoney Strategist, you’d advise clients on all aspects of virtual currencies. You could also trade in digital currencies, for yourself and for others, with anticipation of favorable future price movements.


This is another ecologically-intelligent business opportunity Heavy Duty Insight has mentioned in the past, the field of Recology.

A Recologist “repurposes” discarded materials into new products, which are then resold for money. It’s a good situation all-around because it consumes ecologically harmful waste, creates jobs and a source of income, and saves in money and material costs.

Working in the capacity of a recologist-designer, you could make stylish furniture and create art using free surplus drywall, odd cut lumber, siding scraps, corrugated cardboard and other materials.

Visit and RecycleArt to see the amazing things that are being built.


The median age of North America and Worldwide is increasing, getting older. Home automation/integration will become essential for maintaining quality of life for Senior citizens as they experience chronic illnesses, injuries, and disabilities.

People with disabilities and parents of small children also stand to benefit most from the greater accessibility that this technology provides.

As a home automation technician, you would integrate individual systems like thermostats and universal remote controls so they can be controlled from one interface like an iPad.

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