5 Top Digital Task Managers

Engineering checklist

With work and family life, you probably have many different tasks vying for your attention? Consider using a digital “task manager” to keep a to-do list.

After testing both the free and paid versions (where applicable), here are what we at CB Power and Industrial Equipment think are the five best options available.

After a major update, Wunderlist 3 is the purdiest of the bunch. It has a viable free plan where you can attach documents and collaborate with others on your lists. You can also share your lists in a read-only format.

Wunderlist has browser extensions to easily capture urls for Wishlists or to read later. A thoughtful touch.

Wunderlist 3

Wunderlist available on the iPhone and Android smartphones.

Another popular task manager is Nozbe. Nozbe has a limited free tier and is GTD-friendly, which means it works with the Getting Things Done organizational method pioneered by productivity guru David Allen.

What sets Nozbe apart is that it plays nice with many other apps like Box, Dropbox, Evernote and Google Calendar. It’s also a few bucks more a month than its competitors.

Nozbe screenshot

Nozbe is available on iPhone and Android, as well as a particularly mobile-friendly website.

The nod for best value in this list goes to TickTick, and by a country mile. It allows file attachments, collaboration, third-party calendar subscriptions and more, and for only $20 a year.

In testing the various apps, TickTick has been found to be the most stable of the bunch, rarely flinching on uploads or syncs, even with heavy usage. YMMV naturally.


TickTick is available on iPhone and Android.

Trello is a task manager/project management app based on Kanban, a scheduling system for lean and just-in-time (JIT) production. If you’ve only ever used traditional todo systems before, Trello may be too radical a change.

Still, it may be worth investigating. Trello seems to have every feature imaginable, and it looks slick too.


Trello comes in both iPhone and Android flavours.

Google also has a checklist app built-in with Gmail. There is an obvious efficiency advantage having a task manager tightly integrated with both your email and calendar (if you use Google Calendar, that is), but it lacks many other features.

Then there is the issue of privacy. Does big brother Google need to know you’re picking up cat food after work?

This 4 minute video is a good primer for Google Tasks. It’s available on iPhone and Android.

What task-manager app do you use? Leave a comment and let us know.

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2 responses to “5 Top Digital Task Managers

  1. Nozbe was great until now. Now they updated it to 2.0 version which make you click 2.0x more with completely unintuitive new interface with more prompts ant so on

  2. You think the new UI is counter-intuitive too… I thought it was just me being picky. I was a long time Nozbe fan until recently, but there are some great alternatives now, and they’re cheaper too.

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