How to Make a Name for Yourself

Asian Business Woman Showing Name Card

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but when it comes to picking a name for your business, how do you select a name that is meaningful, relevant and catchy?

The name you choose for your company represents you, your business and its values. Getting it right can make the difference between being a household brand and being a laughing stock.


Let’s take an obvious example. “Flower Power” sounds like a florist. Unless you want to be fronting telephone calls every day explaining that you sell biomass energy systems, not flowers, choose a name that sums up your business.

Some companies choose to simply use a word with no obvious associations, for example “Google”, a made up word from “googol”, a mathematical term. There’s a strategic advantage to doing so. A quirky, unique name can be memorable and easier for branding.


Don’t alienate your potential market with a controversial name. While some customers may appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humour of a roadside diner called Sherrill’s Eat Here and Get Gas, others may not catch the reference – or they might take it as a warning!


A name should have a visual element for easy brand recognition. Most of us are hard-wired to mentally “see” images when we listen to language or words being spoken. Including an image into your name can help your customers remember your company better. Visual elements are also a powerful advertising tool.


This is fundamental when choosing a business name. A long or complicated name can spell the death of your business. If customers can’t spell your name correctly, how can they find you on the internet, the Yellow Pages, or on the street? Also, keeping it short and catchy means you never have to worry about fitting your company’s name onto signs, business cards, ads or online domains.


There are certain letters in the English alphabet that convey power and confidence, such as M, P and Z. Other letters such as S and H express a softer side. For a high tech, use X, Y and Z. You can also blend in latin root words to imply something that your business can deliver on.

Website and Internet domain names


A name like “Harold’s Heat Exchangers” is to the point, but it’s boring and a tad unprofessional. To really catch your customers’ attention, think of a unique business name to help you stand out.

Before registering your name, do a quick domain name and trademark search to verify the name is not already being used. Remember that the dot com domain suffix is considered the Cadillac of TLDs and you should try to secure it right away.

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