Manage Inventory with 4 Free Android Apps

Inventory warehouse

Ditch traditional inventory management methods that involve a mountain of paperwork. Through an app on your Android smartphone or tablet, you can improve your efficiency in dealing with your inventory. You can even use your phone camera as a barcode scanner.

The resulting inventory data can then be readily exported into printable spreadsheets, in case you need printouts.

Here are five high-performing inventory tracking apps you can download for free from the Google Play store.


Instant Inventory by Billion Hands Technology is a richly featured Android app has extensive reporting tools so you can monitor in real time the movement of items in your inventory. It comes with Box and Dropbox integrations for ease of storage and backup.

The free app enables you to enter purchase and sales orders, as well as quickly auto-fill supplier fields from your smartphone’s contacts list. When you make purchase orders, you can email or send an SMS text message to suppliers within the app.

As for sales orders, creating them can trigger an email or SMS text message to the respective customer. To efficiently track your stocks via Instant Inventory, you can scan the product’s barcode or capture an image of it and then enter the product quantity, its location and unit price. You can also set up an alert for the app to notify you via email when a certain threshold quantity is reached.

The inventory data can be exported and imported as csv or Microsoft Excel files.

Instant Inventory - Android app


Keep detailed records of your stocks and export them anytime in the form of csv, xml or Excel files. Although the free version of the My Inventory app by CamelDroid is supported by ads and does not allow the importing of Excel lists, the app is still an excellent option if you just want an intuitive app interface with customizable reporting options.

Other useful features include a handy search function and barcode scanning in bulk.

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The free Rapid Inventory Management app by TEC-IT is another excellent digital tool you can install on your Android smartphone or tablet to instantly track items in your inventory. With this mobile app, you can export and import data as csv or xml files, as well as Google Doc spreadsheets.

Like the My Inventory app, Rapid Inventory Management has search functionality, customized data fields and sorting parameters, as well as a barcode scanning function. It also supports barcode scanning via Bluetooth.

Rapid Inventory App

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The easy-to-use Inventory Counter by Fernando Haro lets you list and instantly analyze items in your inventory. Although limited by the inability to customize certain data fields, this free app is perfectly effective for tracking and managing your inventory.

The Inventory Counter can pinpoint item location via GPS, scan barcodes, include a product photo, quickly search inventory listings and export data via email, Bluetooth and your Dropbox account.

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