Innovation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Do you work in the oil and gas sector? There are a growing number of entrepreneurial companies within this sector creating an exciting array of resources for everything from pipeline management to employee analysis.

Here are four upstarts that are offering tools for the ‘O&G’ sector:


Seikowave logoSeikowave provides a 3D structured light measurement system to help companies in the oil and gas sector measure the status of their infrastructure.

Features of this newfangled system include defect tracking, image analysis, and custom report capabilities.



Sockeye provides crew scheduling software. Companies needing to schedule crew members to multiple sites can schedule and track employees via a central dashboard. Know instantly which crews are short-staffed, which sites require urgent visits, or which employees are being over-scheduled/under-utilized.


AOMS Technologies

aoms logo AOMS Technologies provide sensor solutions to the oil and gas sector.

Whether you need to test for underground pipe malformations or you’re looking for remote sensors for your downholes, AOMS Technologies can assist with that.



TestWells offers data analysis as a service to the oil and gas industry. Features include test structuring consultation, data analysis overviews, and pressure data monitoring.


The above-listed companies are just a smattering of the new software solutions and hardware offerings within this sector. Some could help improve the way you do business, and maybe even make this industry more earth-friendly.